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Almost everyone in our current society dreams of living a luxurious life or at least comfortable in our modern times. But for many of us, the word luxury can have a different meaning. Some aspires to living in a huge and beautiful villa, while some of us would prefer a condo with security round the clock and there is absolutely nothing wrong about it.

However, majority of us would agree on one common direction: the beauty of living by the blue calm sea. Relishing the appealing picturesque view of sunset and sunrise, and charismatic peace in the sea breeze has the sway to mesmerize us.

Therefore, the Reef Condo by Mapletree and Keppel Land would certainly be among the top choices when one is to consider a sea fronting home in Singapore. It is a luxurious waterfront living here.

What does the Reef condo at Harbourfront offer?

Both Mapletree and Keppel have introduced this brand-new development within the upscale Keppel Bay Neighborhood. It runs along the former King’s Dock at Keppel Harbour.

This prime residential development is expressive, and it portrays the contemporary lifestyle that we so desire in our daily habits. They have a strong belief that the technological innovations brought into their designs would thrive and impact the community too.

With the sea right by the residential homes, it strives to provide all homeowners an enticing lifestyle experience for owning one. One that is both peaceful and vibrant for those who love the calmness of sea breeze and those who enjoy the white sound of sea waves.

How big is the Reef condo?

The whole development spans across more than 300,000 square foot. A considerable size within a prime waterfront district, it sits along Harbourfront Avenue and the historic King’s Dock, the world second largest when it was inaugurated by Sir Arthur Young in year 1913.

This new residence will feature 10 blocks of low and mid-rise apartments, with 429 luxurious homes waiting for the sophisticated you. With the master architect at work, this new project could go on becoming one of the new architectural marvels in their portfolio.

Exciting Amenities in the Neighborhood

The surroundings and environment of where you live, plays a crucial role in providing you the peace of mind and serenity of lifestyle. If you reside in a place where you find enough opportunities to interact with the community around you, the social standards of your family will be improved gradually.

The developers are aware of this and thus acquired the land years ago. With the recent announcement of Greater Southern Waterfront as part of our Singapore Masterplan, this great locality will soon become your identity, one that you would be proud of for many years. This new condo in Harbourfront will certainly be a life changing opportunity for both you and your family.

If you have no clues on the locale…

Let me tell you, you have the largest shopping mall as your neighbor, though not immediate but it is as near as you can get now.

There will also be endless fun for you and family with Sentosa Island just across your home, separated by the Keppel channel and a bridge ie. the sea in between the island and mainland.

We know this will certainly be a sold-out residential project when the time comes, grab this when you can!